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Campbell Estate

Friday January 19th

8am until 3pm

and Saturday January 20th

9am until 12noon

Please be considerate of the neighbors limited parking. Don't forget to bring a bag or a box or a truck to fill. See you at the sale.

This lovely Campbell Estate has treasures for everyone. Retired Lockheed Martin Employee that has lived in the home over 40 years. Coleman, Gadgets, Household items, Outdoor Items, Jewelry, Remote control helicopters and planes, Tools, Camping bags, Cooler, Tent, Electronics, Holiday decor, Furniture, Dining room set, Refrigerators, Sheds, washer and dryer, and so much more...

Don't miss out on this event.

All sales are final. Cash & credit accepted. No delivery services available. Must remove items at time of payment. 

Please note not all items may be available the day of the sale. The family has the right to reserve or remove any items prior.

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