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San Jose - Cambrian Park
2 day event

Date: Friday September 8th 8am until 4pm

Saturday September 9th 9am until 12pm




We have a packed house with lots of treasures to be found. Some of the items included but not limited to are:


Art, The Waterfall By Shane 1981, Sketch Art, Hats, Hat Boxes, Vintage Gothic Chair with Leather Ram design seating, Ornate wood table from India with elephant design, Winnie the Poo and Tiger, Gone with the wind, Vintage rocking chair, Unicorns, Luggage, Religious items, Religious art, Chandeliers, Typewriter, Desk Chairs, Jewelry Boxes, Art frames, Clocks, Umbrellas, Umbrella stand, Polaroid, War Photos, Horse Art, Hundreds of Romance and Mystery Novels, Christmas and Halloween decor, Tile Kitchen table and chairs, Side tables, Book Cases, Queen Bedroom set, Single bed, Craft items,  Gift bags, Paper, Coloring items, Board games, Knick Knacks, Recliners, Chairs, Canes, Noritake China, Pots, Pans, Dishes, Glassware, Spices, Records, Vintage Record Console System, Picnic Table and benches, Filing cabinets, Dressers, Women s Clothing, hundreds of puzzles, Coffee cups, Tea cups, Wallets, Bibles, Flat Screen TV, DVD's, VHS, CDs, Dolls, Microwave, Some Garage items, Vacuum, and 100's of other items. 

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