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Mountain View - Shoreline

2 day event

Date: Friday September 15th 8am until 4pm

Saturday September 16th 9am until 1pm


Parking is limited. Please be considerate of neighbors.


This lovely 2500+ square foot home has a ton of treasures. Art, Silk Asian Art,  Plants, Jade Plants, Garden Art, Chinese garden art, Wool rugs, Buffet with hutch, Couches, Chairs, Dining room table, Dresser, Nightstands, Side tables, Beds, Mattresses, Knick Knacks, Brass decor, Gold decor items, Round dining table, Chairs, Wood Shelving, Dishes and Plates, Chinese dishware and plate sets, Porcelain birds, Tea cups, Lamps, Marble end tables, Chinese wall art, Victorian style lamps, Chandeliers, Tea pots, Chinese books, Wood desk with hutch, Candle holders, Dragon art, Bamboo plants, Vanity items, Bed Frames, Women's purses, Like New Hospital bed, shelving, Glassware, Pots and pans, Gold rimmed glassware, Carnival glass, Pyrex, , Microwave, Washer and Dryer, and so much more. 


We look forward to seeing our treasure hunters Friday & Saturday

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