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Preparing to Downsize

We have helped some clients recently that were downsizing. Deciding what to take and what to leave can be challenging. And I am sure after collecting all your treasures for 30, 40 or 50 plus years its hard to let go. But this is the time of your life that you need to enjoy. Enjoy traveling, wine tasting, cruises, cooking, gardening, reading, sailing or what ever your passion is.

Here are 3 easy steps to help you downsize:

Step 1. Think about what you need and the space you have. Make a list. Think about it for a few days. Visit your new space to make sure your list will fit within the new space. Take what is necessary to your new home, condo or apartment. Don't bog yourself down with too many items.

Step 2. Let us handle the rest and maximize the cash we can put in your pocket. We can sell or auction items for you, maximize the profits and allow you to enjoy what ever passion you have. We will take care of all of the Advertising, Marketing, Organizing and Display of the items. Once the sale has ended we will either Dispose, Recycle or Donate any remaining items on your behalf. Leaving the house clean and ready for your realtor.

Step 3. Enjoy the profits from your Estate Sale and the next chapter of your life.

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