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Where does my responsibility end?

We get asked by many of the Estates or Homeowners that are either liquidating or downsizing - Where does my responsibility end? Its a great question and sometimes a little blurred. The answer is fairly simple. Once all of the personal items have been removed from the Estate the rest is up to us South Bay Estate Liquidations. We take care of everything. And if you forgot something, no problem we will safely secure it for you. We provide a professional staff that is looking out for your best interests. We know that the relationship formed between South Bay Estate Liquidations and the Estate or homeowner is the most valuable one.

Feeling Overwhelmed? When you have lost a loved one or are downsizing it's common to feel overwhelmed. We can help. Lets us handle the Estate for you. We have a professional staff the will stage your house. Liquidate all the items. Dispose of or Recycle items if necessary. Advertise the sale. Maximize your profits. Lets us worry about all the details.Then you can feel relaxed and stress free.

What do I keep and What do I throw away? If we are liquidating and Estate for a family member that has passed or downsizing we suggest that you take out personal or family items and leave the rest up to us. Some peoples junk is someone else treasure. We will make the decision on what to sell, recycle, shred, trash or donate. This is our specialty. Let us transform the space and worry about all the details.

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